‘Hope’ an overrated feeling! 🤔

I’m sure most of you would disagree with me hold on! I have rationale for it but, before that let’s reminisce it’s literal meaning.

Hope: A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

A feeling of trust!

Certain words rather feelings in this case are contradictory with their own meaning. This feeling drags you away from your own potential of fetching any damn thing for you & I’m not talking about plucking stars here😜

In fact the feeling gradually takes you from being +ve to -ve & hey! we are not talking about ‘covid -19’ here🤞 Any feeling which keeps you being away from doing & getting it, sounds a li’l lethargic.

This post doesn’t aim at defaming this reputed word or feelings but, encouraging to choose actions over feeling mostly. Here is a checklist when you want to replace those feelings with actions.

1. Get up early!

2. Meditate

3. Do anything which you haven’t done ever. Warning: In limit

4. Now, set a goal & action plan in steps, alone or may be with someone who know you better than you do😊

5. Keep working and never give up! You might start feeling those invisible wings to fly now❤

⭐Replace your hope with positive actions or distractions appropriately⭐

Softly Powerful

Published by Prax

Too blunt to be handled..witty...dream less & work more..natural leader..👎for fakes...kind of sums me up❣

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