Need VS Want

Usually any write up ends on a moral, here the moral lies in the title itself.

Do we really take care of what we need? 🤷‍♀️ Yes hmmm No 🤐

We usually keep an eye on what we want. Time to raise eye brow !

Smile ‘an irreplaceable gem’ 💎

So, if you are limitless then you should read it till the end rest, can sense the flavor in their own ways😉

This is not written to preach or guide. Rather to bring in notice about certain vital aspects which are loosing their existence with the evolving time.

Precisely, needs and wants has nothing to do with being rich or poor. It’s all about how we are being raised as kids and how we are raising them today !

There’s always a thin line between any good or bad, true or false but, here it differs. There’s rather a gap or huge gap between need & want.

Do whatever but, never suppress innocent need under the burden of stubborn want. Actually, want is just not playing a role of an absolute villain here. It is also setting some sort of goal to be achieved someday. This want is passionate enough to get going until being achieved also, great until turns itself into a greed.

Here, simply put a comma following a full stop later to simplify and cut down irrelevant perplexity in your life. If it is not handled timely it can result into 👇

☹ Poor mental health.

☹ Unliked or unfavorable changes in own personality.

☹ Impact on relationships.

So, how to attain the antonym of those above used emoticons. 🤔

BALANCE your actions, the most powerful thing in the world. It can do wonders when you know all the Ws’ & H, I mean: where, when, who, what, which, why & how for any situation.

Primarily eat, sleep & drink healthy to figure out those Ws’ & H in accordance with your situation. Take charge, plan, go step by step & never give up !!

MOM 👇 (Minutes of meeting which never held)🤓….Some points to conclude😎

😊 Recognize needs.

😊 Fulfill them until they aren’t needs anymore !

😊 Now, peep into the bucket of wants.

😊 Don’t accelerate at first, put 1st gear for a smoother start of the engine.

😊 Don’t look back, sum up your days with gratitude & never start it with attitude.

Search within before searching outside’~Prax

Respect the pain, everything else can be done later !

Yes ! It’s very much self tried and tested theory of life. A phase where pain became a dictator in my life. It literally dominated every corner of daily routine hence, impacted personally as well as professionally badly.

Like general or as human tendencies I merely ignored those early symptoms, which turned into warning signals gradually.

And the black day arrived when things got dropped, I nearly fainted and screamed for help !

I am being rushed to the hospital, rejected those pain killer shots and being commanded by Doctor to get an MRI done asap. So, with that traumatic pain I am all set for the MRI when, suddenly the room changed into a war zone with all those not so rhythmically sound made by just a machine. Only ‘been there done that’ types would understand this.

Anyways by hook or crook actually no, it took a team i.e, me, husband, mumma, big bro, sister on phone, technical staff….to get that MRI done🤐

Now, the real journey of pain begins from orthopedics to neurologists, from ayurvedic to therapists, from this to that treatment every now and then. One day planets planned to surprise us through an advertisement (unlike those poking ones, which keep ruining the flavor of entertaining climax). Post seeing it my husband came a handful of information about some german technique to avoid surgeries for a pain free life.

Bingo ! I consulted, attended, crawled, exercised, cried, laughed bla bla bla. This blend of emotions navigated my way towards a need of change in routine. I religiously followed their guidelines from how to take a shower to how to even sit while bearing an acute pain. I gradually started to take charge of household routine initially where, it was my elder son’s first day of pre school and, obviously I wanted to pack his first ever lunch box but, how? Where I couldn’t even crawl, forget about standing.                         

Lights on💡Camera🎥 & Action🎬

#Recalled those miraculous guidelines.

#kept one of my legs on the table i.e, 90° almost so, to avoid putting body weight on the hurt leg.

And the box looked yummy and ready to go in tummy. Hey ! don’t laugh that’s what everyone around said.

This was kind of alarming enough to get on to my toes and fetch my life back from this dominating pain.

Set of excercises, changes in routine, attending sessions, hot bags, cold packs became a prime part of my routine. But, this wasn’t enough for sure as my painfree life was still struggling somewhere to get a small entry through this painful door, forget about a grand one though.

An agony aunt finally spoke her heart out, that’s me to my coach for extending an extra support or suggestion to drive my way out. She prescribed few vital body tests and, just allowed anything apart from taking any steroids or pain killers (since the treatment I was undergoing targets, a pain free life just through the excercises along with, challenging the use of pain killers & performed surgeries )

By far every possible maneuver was failed, an only option left in the world was Homeopathy. Time to welcome a new & tiny member to my saga of routine. There it is 👇

Homeopathy or homoeopathy is a pseudoscientific[1][2][3][4] system of alternative medicine. It was conceived in 1796 by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann

I still remember carrying a hot bag at it’s couple of initial consultations and, never missed excercises in first place along with taking tiny yet powerful pills. This was like a long awaited & much needed balancing act.

Gradually my rainbow started to shine brightly. The biggest triumph was when, I delivered second child normally.

Today I am playing multi professional and personal roles by the blessings, support and care I got, from the special forces of my life.

Just don’t worry, don’t say, don’t wish……only keep moving in worse of the situations specially.❤🌈🧿

Special gratitude to then coaches and now friends for life ❤

Let’s support the one in need and specifically for people in pain here’s my bit. My mentors can be reached at the following website links respectively.

Dr. Ankita Sharma (Physiotherapist)

Dr. Geeta rani arora (Homeopath)

Thank you my ladies for being generous and there unconditionally 🤞

Inculcating to my next generation with ❤🧿

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Negotiations ‘an inbuilt power’

A ‘ Yes’ , When was the last time you heard it from the most unanticipated person or said it to anyone, for anything even being the most unwanted one?…..

There you go ! This power which looks magical in it’s nature , is actually a strong belief within you to firmly convince anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I know even, a child knows that😜 So, let’s analyze how it is cracked🤔

Biggest of things can only be achieved through simple steps. Let’s try to relate it here 👇

# Simplifying your points with rationale.

# Replace pushing by pulling, through your ideology of course !😉

# Give & take space to breathe in between.

# Replace bluntness with observation & understanding.

# Identify the relevance in between this will build a bond.

# Now, ‘Hit the iron when it’s hot’ since, now when it is really close to know what is needed by them?

Time to crack it🤝

It only takes mere liking for each other & strong traits within, to get or to give anything to anyone.❤

‘Hope’ an overrated feeling! 🤔

I’m sure most of you would disagree with me hold on! I have rationale for it but, before that let’s reminisce it’s literal meaning.

Hope: A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

A feeling of trust!

Certain words rather feelings in this case are contradictory with their own meaning. This feeling drags you away from your own potential of fetching any damn thing for you & I’m not talking about plucking stars here😜

In fact the feeling gradually takes you from being +ve to -ve & hey! we are not talking about ‘covid -19’ here🤞 Any feeling which keeps you being away from doing & getting it, sounds a li’l lethargic.

This post doesn’t aim at defaming this reputed word or feelings but, encouraging to choose actions over feeling mostly. Here is a checklist when you want to replace those feelings with actions.

1. Get up early!

2. Meditate

3. Do anything which you haven’t done ever. Warning: In limit

4. Now, set a goal & action plan in steps, alone or may be with someone who know you better than you do😊

5. Keep working and never give up! You might start feeling those invisible wings to fly now❤

⭐Replace your hope with positive actions or distractions appropriately⭐

Softly Powerful

Desk @ risk!

I spend more and more time at my desk managing everything from, homework of the elder kid to working on this blog or creating a creative content for my startup to allowing younger one to sit & enjoy a candy pheew! That’s how my Desk sound these days. Hey, moreover, using it for pushups & toning triceps more often😜. A lot to do and less to regret really !

Never let that true color fade under the light of this fierce multitasker !🌈

Creativity don’t follow GPS 🤓

Happiness or Discipline….. both?🤔

Well, both of them doesn’t go hand in hand, being disciplined needs a lot of determination, it is time bounded, has all the superlatives of toughness. Where, happiness is a free to fly anywhere, boundless kind of bird. It’s all about those choices we make sometimes for our benefits & sometimes to just keep going with the flow.

Discipline of fitness doesn’t allow the happiness, to be in bed for long hours.’~Prax😊

Just observe around that, people with a disciplined life have more static routine. They have goal ladder, clear vision, awards & recognitions their way.

Where, people without any pattern doesn’t really need to carry forward, everyday can be taken as a fresh start with new dimensions. A lot of creativity, no limits for anything, invisible wings & rewards to be cherished in many ways.

Think & choose wisely!

Flying in discipline to avoid any clashes.
This is one of the best examples I could link.
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